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Every company can invite other users to collaborate with them.

These companies have invited you to collaborate with them. You can accept them now or do it later in the platform..

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Use this section to input your company details. Doing this will produce your own company profile of which you can create pricelists, pricing templates, new customers, PDF quotes etc.

This will also give you the power to add your team members to your company, so your whole business can work collaboratively and price off the same platform.

Tooltip: the more information you can input here, the better, as most of this information will appear on your PDF quote.

Products and Templates

Kwota has gone the extra mile to make your life even easier. On this page you can select a pre set list of products for you to add to your account, once signed up you can then go into your account and create as many templates as you like based on this product list. Within the templates, you can adjust the prices accordingly.

For example, you may charge one customer a higher rate than another, all you need to do is create a template for each customer and adjust the prices as necessary. You can also add/remove as many other products as you like, the list is endless.

Select the price list you would like to apply to your company profile.
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This section allows you to add other work colleague's to your account. This is a great feature if you have other members of staff who are pricing work for you.

Once signed up, you can then limit the amount of control your work colleague's have over your account, for example you might not want them to be able to email the quote to the customer without you signing it off, also you might not want them giving discount... what ever it is, Kwota's got it covered!

Add your colleague's email address here to invite them to your account. You can add as many as you like right now, or if it's not convenient, then you can do it later on.